Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What a difference a year makes

It was exactly one year ago today that I began this blog.  The night before, I saw the movie “Julie and Julia” and it sparked something. It’s funny how that happens.  There you are minding your own movie-watching business and whack an idea floods in, an idea so powerful that it crowds out all other thoughts. I had difficulty at times concentrating on the movie.  
I’d been working with a spiritual coach, Melodie Matice for about a month. Earlier that day at the end of our session she says, “OK, now, what about the book.”  I was surprised, because we hadn’t talked about the book
The next morning, I walked down to the basement, dusted off two plain boxes and pulled the contents that contained my life from 12 years, two months and five days ago.  My first blog entry was on this very day—August 18th--last year. 
So, the journey began.  Some things develop a life of their own. Some things have a path of their own.  And so it is with this project, this process of telling this tale.
I’ve been busy, very busy.  So much has happened. I’ll spend the next couple of blogs sharing some of this.


  1. wait, this is it? I'm ready for the next blog entry!! I'll have to bookmark this site and come back I guess. Bob Gordon

  2. Kathe I had the same inspiration to start a blog last year but I will be discussing my art, books I'm reading, yoga and my dog. I look forward to following yours.